The EKF Writing Center is an initiative of the Elizabeth Kostova Foundation for Creative Writing, a nonprofit that forges a literary nexus between two language geographies, Bulgaria and the Anglosphere.

The EKF Writing Center supports writers and those who aspire to write. We also cherish those who translate, edit, and publish. Whether you are a writer, translator, student, grant writer, project manager, creative director, scriptwriter, content director, communication specialist, animators or filmmaker you will need to communicate in order to persuade–most often in writing.

The EKF Writing Center Online offers a variety of workshops, courses, one-on-one sessions, and manuscript review services to help you master the writing and language skills you need to succeed in your professional and creative life.

The EKF Writing Center Onsite features competitive in-person writing workshops in a variety of locations, including the acclaimed Sozopol Fiction Seminars. 

Our writing experts are creative writing educators, essayists, novelists, poets, reviewers, journalists, translators, graphic novelists, and editors with unique pedagogical methods and experience in a wide range of genres. 

If you are looking to master your writing skills in English, you are in the right place. 

For writing services offered in Bulgarian language, please follow the link.