Author name: Nataliya Deleva

I am a Bulgarian-born immigrant writer, living in London, and have a background in journalism, PR and digital marketing. My debut novel Four Minutes, originally published in Bulgaria as Невидими (Janet45 Publishing, 2017) and then in Germany as Übersehen (eta Verlag, 2018), is forthcoming in English from Open Letter Books (2021) and in Polish from Ezop (2021). It was awarded Best Debut Novel in Bulgaria (2018), Second prize for Prose (2018) and was shortlisted for Novel of the Year (2018). My short fiction, essays, interviews and book reviews have appeared in literary journals and anthologies, such as Words Without Borders, Fence, Asymptote, Empty Mirror, Reading in Translation, Granta Bulgaria and the anthologies Colour and Stories from the 90s (ICU Publishing, 2019) among others. I live in London with my family and work in digital marketing for a non-profit organisation supporting vulnerable children.

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